Who are you? Why should I trust you? - Meet me, Bre

Why do I care about your recovery?

Welcome to Ruby Hem Ministries. I'm glad you've stopped by to check out what's available here. As an addiction recovery coach, I assure you that I understand what you're going through on your journey to sobriety. I also understand that if you're a therapist you may not always have all the tools you need to help your client succeed in this journey.

The journey to sobriety is a long, challenging one, but as a former addict, I assure you it's well worth the journey. One of the most important parts of this journey is getting to know yourself better so that you can enjoy life and all it has to offer while remaining clean. That's where the saying "addicted to recovery" comes in: It's meant to remind you that you should be addicted to your journey. Embrace it and all it has to offer.

Here you'll find a lot of information regarding addiction, but you'll also find much more. I've created journals, classes, and digital art to help you get to know yourself and stay encouraged. In my membership section, you'll access everything that's in all the journals I have available without buying each of them individually. Depending on the type of membership you choose, you'll also have access to a private Discord chatroom and a way to reach me via text when you need someone to be there for you.

While all of this may sound wonderful, you may still wonder who I am and what makes me "qualified" to help you. I'm a recovering addict (you can read my "story" here) who's been able to transform my life thanks to the help of people around me. These people tried to be helpful, but they didn't have the tools they needed. Eventually, I came to see that there aren't many tools available for use today. With the number of people who suffer from addiction climbing at an alarming rate, I find this is unacceptable. So, I decided to go to school to become an addiction recovery coach / sober coach (here are the certifications I've earned so far).

Honestly, I'll be the first to admit that I don't have all the answers or all the tools. However, that's where you come in. You can contact me at any time to tell me what would be helpful for you. I really want this site to be an educational tool for everyone. Whether you use the tools I provide alone or with your therapist or if you're a therapist, I believe these tools will help you maintain your sobriety. I've included some tools below so you can understand my "role" better and how to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Bre

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