Why You Need an Addiction Recovery Coach


COVID has made entering back into life after addiction challenging. Many people are still choosing to follow social distancing protocols. This can be challenging for coaches too since the basis for good coaching is a solid relationship.

Even throughout the midst of these challenges, there's still a growing need for addiction recovery coaches. Many places that offer coaching aren't able to add enough of them to their staff to meet everyone's needs. One of the main reasons for this is that addiction recovery coaching is a new and growing field.

Having an addiction recovery coach to walk beside you as you reconnect with the community and move forward in your life is important. I will be there for you. When others say you can't, I'll say you can. Together we'll prove them wrong!

I've been where you are. I'm willing to walk and fight with you. You don’t have to keep going through what you're going through alone. You can take control of your life.

Sure, addiction has a way of getting a hold of you. While you may not think you'd be able to afford my services since I don't take insurance, I make my services affordable. I've been where you are and I know how to move into sobriety and hold on to it for the rest of your life. We'll work on establishing and accomplishing goals without ever feeling any shame, rejection, or failure. 

Feel free to contact me today!

Until next time, Stay strong,

~ Bre