Why Addiction Recovery Coaching Works


Coaching is a new addition to most mental health programs. As an addiction recovery coach, I'm here to help you face the challenges of addiction and meet your goals as you reconnect with the community you live in. I know how challenging this can be since I've been through the recovery process myself. My hope is to serve as your bridge to recovery, to act like a "concierge" in helping you retake control of your life. In doing so I'll work with you to create a wellness plan, encouragement, and many other types of assistance that you may need along this journey to a new, healthy you. 

Why Coaching Works

This treatment modality works because I invest myself in building trust with you. Having walked a similar path as you're now walking, I can empathize with your experiences and emotions in a way that most people can't. Therefore, as an addiction recovery coach, I'm able to understand what you're saying when most people around you don't.

The peer-to-peer coaching relationship that I'm able to develop with you as an addiction recovery coach plays a vital role in our relationship. It enables me to motivate, support, and empower you in a way that meets your specific needs. Whether this involves providing you with referrals (e.g., doctors, therapists, community services) or setting goals (e.g., changing medications, communicating with your family, getting a job, finding your own apartment), I'll help you do these things in such a way that you won't feel stigmatized or ashamed. Regardless of what you need, I'm here to meet you right where you are in the recovery process.

Getting Started

When you're ready to reach out to me and have me as your addiction recovery coach, know that I'll be here to support you the whole way. We'll collaborate on a wellness plan that includes goals and empowering you to succeed in your recovery. This is your recovery. It's about you getting empowered to take charge of your healing so you can eventually take charge of your life once again.