What to Expect From Addiction Recovery Coaching


Someone may have suggested that you seek a recovery coach to help you with your sobriety. You may find yourself wondering what an addiction life coach can offer you that a therapist or a group such as AA or NA can't. Well, there are a few things that you should know here.

What happens through recovery coaching?

When you work with an addiction recovery coach, you're working with someone unbiased and may have even had an active addiction themselves. You'll have the opportunity to discuss anything important to you so that you can gain a new outlook or perspective about it. Doing so will bring a whole new awareness to your world.

How often do sober coaches meet with their clients?

Most addiction recovery coaches spend several hours each week with their clients. Sometimes this means being with them around the clock to ensure their safety, and at other times it means meeting them where they are (e.g., work, home, school). Regardless of where the meetings occur, discretion and confidentiality are essential. However, most life coaches will get their clients' permission to talk to their therapist or outpatient treatment team so they can get periodic updates regarding their clients' progress in recovery.

Try an Addiction Recovery Coach

When you try an addiction recovery coach, you may be amazed that suddenly your life has a whole new purpose. This change occurs because you can establish boundaries and make choices that will lead to greater happiness in your life. With these new skills, you'll be on your way to recovery and a fuller life.