My Testimony

Hello. My name is Bre, and I’m just north of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. In 1993 I graduated from Westminster

College in New Wilmington, PA. While I’d always wanted to attend Seminary, I wasn’t ready at that time.

I’ve floated through the school of hard knocks throughout much of my life before finally becoming a

Christian Leaders Ministries student. This “title” is one that I’m honored to have since many people

recognize the school where I live.

My Childhood and Coming to Know Christ

I have lived through many obstacles in my life. Eventually, I realized that my parents were abusive

(My mom was a narcissist and physically abusive while my dad was absent most of the time, and when he

was home, he was passive-aggressive.). This realization didn’t come until years after leaving an abusive

(sexually and mentally) domestic relationship and looking back on everything through therapy. 

My parents did do one thing right: They made sure that I attended a Christian school, went to church each

Sunday, and attended youth group. I even accepted Christ into my heart and heard His call on my life

while a Junior in high school.

Unfortunately, throughout my early adult years, I turned my head on God. I’ve been hooked on benzos,

spent time reading Tarot for people (Satan played into my need for money as a single parent), and worked in

the adult industry. 

Eventually, I got tired of the person I was and realized what I’d known all along: God is the only one who

can fill the hole in my heart. I surrendered my life to Him in June of 2018 and was baptized on November 7

of that same year. I remember simply crying out to Him while in bed one night, telling Him that I couldn’t

do it anymore and needed Him to restore His purpose to my life. Now I see that everything I learned in the

school of hard knocks was planned by Him to be used for His glory.

My Spiritual Dream

My spiritual dream is to become a peer recovery support specialist (a.k.a. addiction recovery coach).

God has shown me a vision (as if I was sitting in a theater and it was playing out before my very eyes). In

this vision, He’s shown me that everything I’ve been through (including working with the homeless for four

years) was so that I could relate to the people with whom I’ll be working. Since then, He’s continued to

place me right where He wants me as He guides me along this journey.


I'm thankful for CLI's free training because I'm currently on a fixed income and live with my son. I could

never receive the training I need without a scholarship. I'm also thankful for this training because, through it,

I find myself drawing closer to God as He becomes more and more real to me.